MO-TAC Systems is a multi-faceted tactical training company that is capable of not only tactical related training for your Corporate Security Officers (CSO), but we also have the capabilities to provide personal security for your company?s executive leadership. The Missouri Tactical Systems core instructional staff is made up of all active or retired federal, state, and metropolitan law enforcement officers, each with both extensive law enforcement and SWAT operational experience. Our personnel have worked in executive protection protecting dignitaries both domestically and internationally, and can provide a smooth, hassle-free travel plan to meet the needs of each client. We can also provide intelligence reports on current activities in cities/countries where clients intend to travel.

 Additionally, MO-TAC Systems can conduct threat assessments of your corporate facility campuses or structures as well as the current capabilities and competencies of your guard force.  Our assessments are completely confidential and shared only with our client, so that your company?s vulnerabilities are known only to you, and those deficiencies can be addressed before those gaps can be exploited by an outside, or even an inside threat.

 By virtue of their specialized experience, our highly trained staff can see the gaps, assess where the vulnerabilities lie, and most importantly, we can recommend where to put your resources and how to train your staff to be prepared for a high-risk situation until law enforcement can come to your assistance.

 We can train both your Corporate Security Officer staff and guard force to make the critical difference when an active shooter, or even a terrorist related event takes place on company property.  This two-day training would include one day on company property working active shooter, and one day at our firearms facility with enhanced shooting techniques to give the CSO the confidence in using his or her weapon in stressful situations.

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